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    Do you take advantage of seasonal opportunities in your business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Your business, like many others will work very hard at Christmas, Easter, and Fourth of July with discounts and other selling features.  You spend time every year deciding on how you will work those holidays into your business to create more traffic and hopefully, more sales.  They provide a great way to bring in new customers and every business likes more customers!


      Steve Strauss' lastest article, What Seasonal Opportunities are Appropriate for Your Business? pushes us to think a bit outside the box.  Have you ever thought about a St. Patrick's Day promotion?  He gives examples of how a business could add that promotion to increase traffic and sales.  Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, college meal deals at graduation time, etc.  All wonderful and creative approaches that wouldn't take a lot of extra money or work.


      He tells us that "about $70 billion was spent on back-to-school shopping last year".  Gather your employees together and do some brainstorming - what would work best for your business?  What would catch the attention of your customers and potential customers?  Then, moving forward - make plans and put them into action. 


      We would like to hear of some of the unusual promotions you have done in your business.  Won't you take a minute and share?