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    How are you at keeping secrets?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Iis Dorbian from our SBOC has written an article: No News is Bad News: Why being upfront with employees is key to good morale with some excellent words that every small business owner should read.  You are the owner, you make the decisions, you get the feedback, you are the bottom line, you.......  Are you getting tired of all the you's by now?  Yes, you have a large job with many responsibilities.  But this article can free you up a bit.  In the article Hilary Kelbick addresses this issue when she says "Just because I'm the owner doesn't mean I know the answers."  She acknowledges that her business can run smoother when she believes that in many matters transparency is most valuable.  And she has frank discussions with her staff to discuss the issues at hand.


      She also lays out 4 very good tips for any small business owner.  We all want to keep our employees, don't we?  And we value the work of them.  Now let's value their imput and expertise - it's a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.


      What other tips would you add to Iris' list?  Surely you have one or two that are tried and true to share.