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    door to door Sales good idea?

    dancemovesnj Wayfarer

      background of my business: started about a year ago, Dance Moves Mobile Dance Academy , I have a website and a Facebook page. Dance Moves provides fun affordable dance for boys and girls in per schools, daycares, private schools, after school programs and more.


      since starting a year ago I have a daycare I teach lessons once  a week, and a elementary school twice a week for their after school program. I have sent out postcards, flyers, and emails. My next step would be going to these daycares, after school programs and trying to sign them up face to face. Is this a good idea? Any other ideas to get my company out their would be greatly appreciated. Also if I do go school to school, I would have to hire someone, since I do have a full time job as a special education teacher, how do you pay a person?

      thanks for all your help.



      Owner Dance Moves Mobile Dance Academy Inc.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Erin,


          Welcome to our community!  What a creative approach!  I'm sure many after school programs and child-care centers would welcome your business.  Do you have brochures, telling of how you can enhance their work?


          Door to door work might open some doors for you but why not take your brochures to the places that would most benefit from you?  I'd approach all the schools, child-care centers, gyms, exercise centers, etc. in your area and let them know what you offer.


          If you decide to bring in someone to help you advertise, you could work something out, depending on how many new offerings they bring to you.  I know you work full-time but on your days off/holidays, I'll bet you could use some of that time to spread the word - You are your BEST advertisement.


          Please let us know how everything is working out for you.



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            longlivemedia Tracker

            Your approach to door-to-door marketing is quite good. Building relationships with the mothers and fathers of children who may be future dancers is a good start to building your brand, so if you ever hire someone it must be someone who can strike up a conversation and not simply hand out flyers on the street. It may not be as easy to have someone sign up on the get-go, though,  so it would be good to make the flyers you distribute as a sign-up sheet as well so that people could either sigh up right away or take them home to mull it over. Payment really depends on you, though. Are you just paying someone to go door-to-door for you, or are you hiring an employee who would do much more?




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                dancemovesnj Wayfarer

                Thank you for your response. Yes I have flyers made up one for the director/ owners and one for parents with a registration page. My sister in law is involved in this business. I am going to speak to hea about going door to door, she is a college student , teaches dance already for the company, and is easy to speak too. Hopefully she will be able to. However still not sure how or what to pay her. I pay her $25 a class she teaches now.

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                    Hi dancemovesnj,


                    You have a great idea going. The door to door sales in this case is a plus. As far as the going pay rate, if I can be honest, it is your sister in law. Does it really matter? Ironing that part out should be easy as pie. Sit down with her and discuss what would make both of you happy. Her being a college student should make things even easier. She may take an hourly rate or a flat rate per school visited.


                    That is one part of owning a family run business that I loved. You know each other the best and can discuss anything candidly even if it has to be done at the Sunday dinner table at grandma's. Granted, if you get into a fight and can not that can make Sunday dinner unbearable. One thing always holds true (at least for us) the money stayed in the family!


                    Good luck!


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