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    Sick Employees?  Come In or Stay at Home?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Alright, be honest.  Can you remember the last time you went to work and you could hardly hold your head up because you were so sick?  Think hard - remember how productive you were at work?  AND think of how your fellow employees appreciated the gift of germs you shared that day(s). 

      SBOC has a great article: Q&A: Sick Pay Best Practices: Expert advice on how sick pay policies pay off in the long run that may give you some food for thought as the business owner.


      Why do employees drag themselves out of a sick bed and head in to work?

      - afraid of losing money?

      - fear of being replaced?

      - worse still - the thought of being irreplaceable?

      - needing to finish a project?

      - insert your own reason here.............


      I think many employees need the money and know if they stay out, their paycheck will be less at the end of the pay period.  So, have you given thought to implementing sick pay into your employee benefits?  Read this article, written by Iris Dorbian and see if it would make sense to you and your business to offer sick pay to your employees.  I have a feeling they will use it and not abuse it.