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    Flexible Schedules

    LUCKIEST Guide

      I work from home (most of the time).

      I also play a lot of tennis, before, during and after the normal work day.

      Last week, Yahoo's chief exec wanted all employees back in the office.

      In todays world we are constantly connected.


      Where do you work best??

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Great question!


          I too work from home. I must say, that at times, it does present some challenges. But I LOVE being able to work from home. I'm here if a child is sick, no babysitters or missed work due to children's illness. I can run errands and complete household chores throughout the day when I'm not scheduled for a shift at work. I feel like I'm more involved and connected with my family now. More than I ever did when I worked outside of the house.


          I can understand Yahoo's CEO wanting the employees to feel more like a team. It's great to know your coworkers and be able to bounce ideas off of them. She wants her team to feel more connected to each other when it comes to work. That makes sense. As long as all of those employees are in the same general location.  Working entirely from home has its own complications and disruptions. Some disruptions can be eliminated by working in the office.


          How do you feel about her decision?