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    my site

    troyk3928 Newbie
      Since everyone here is way more experienced with business than I am, would anyone take a look at my Blog layout and give constructive advice?
      thanks troy
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          grantsforce Adventurer
          troyk3928 your blog seems to scream "I want..." (money, ...)
          A true blog will provide information and, as with any other business, the money will flow in through advertising, sales through gradual trust over a period of time.
          Having your users take surveys or share personal identity information with unknown sites, will only build distrust in the long term and build a negative reputation for you.
          Your goal should be to build a good reputation as a trustworthy source of information/service/entertainment.
          This will require you (if you haven't already) to go through the exercise of specifying lifetime goals / plans and stepping into the blog as a part of your overall plan.
          Hope this helps.
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              troyk3928 Newbie
              Thanks I appreciate the candid answer. I have started to strive towards marketing for a reader base rather than a customer base. It is very difficult to break free from the usual modes that I have grown used to posting. I definetley will keep your thoughts in mind as I upgrade my blog posts. Please come back frequently and comment to keep me on the right track. thanks
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Go to Members page and add a few words about your business