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    Getting Stuck

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Do you ever get stuck trying to come up with ideas for
      your blog, Facebook posts, articles, and teleseminars?

      Will you be ready when a teleseminar host invites you
      to speak to a huge audience - if you have a topic?

      Do you ever feel like you just can't possibly come up
      with one more idea for your next newsletter - and it's
      due out tomorrow?

      Just about everyone answers "yes" to these questions
      at some point - even professional writers. When that
      happens you can spend hours writing just one article.

        • Re: Getting Stuck

          Hi Luckiest,


          When that happens, I tend to walk away for a little bit and do something I really enjoy doing. Most of the time that usually involves being in the company of other people. Most of the time, just talking with others about everyday life in a relaxed atmosphere gives me a writing idea. For me, worrying over it doesn't seem to make things better.