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    Guarding Mentor-Mentee Relationships

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Have you ever thought you would like to have a mentor - searched - finally found one - good fit for both of you all - then what?  Has this mentor now become a pal?  an associate?  a teacher?  What are the perimeters of this new relationship?


      Steve Strauss' 6 Steps to Maintain and Grow Your Mentor Relationship is a good place to start if a mentor relationship is something you are considering..  In the article he lines out some tips to manage and grow the relationship so that both you and your mentor will be comfortable.


      Mentors can be of significant assistance to any small business owner, whether brand new or not.  After you read this interesting article, please let us know about any mentor relationships you have had.


      Steve has another article along the same lines that you need in your pocket too: 5 Ways to Find a Mentor.