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    Rebuilding the American Dream

    Anna Darrett Newbie

      We are in business to help people obtain the American Dream and also to help our clients make a sound financial decision regarding their mortgage and investment needs.  One of our largest investments we make in our lifetime is buying a home, which also will become one of our future assets.  Most people don’t know where to begin.  We partner with our clients to help them develop a plan and to know what steps are needed to get prepared to complete the transaction.  It is our responsibility to educate the clients about the documents they will be signing upfront and at closing and also to go over the terms of the loans to ensure they have no unanswered questions.


      Part of our service to our clients is to teach them the benefits of homeownership. You will be giving yourself a raise that your employer cannot offer by purchasing a home. On average it puts 25% of the payment/property tax/mortgage insurance back into your savings, which will help us greatly obtain our retirement goals along with building equity we wouldn't receive as a renter. The average homeowner refinances their home 3 times and will never pay off their mortgage!  Who could live off of $1200 a month in social security with no life savings? The goal for everyone is to be debt free into retirement and  be financially fit.


      Many applicants have negative credit due to the countries financial hardship and have no idea on how to rebuild their credit.  Helping our clients raise their credit score can save them over .25% in their interest rate for every 20 points they regain on their FICO score, which could be thousands of dollars in back end interest.  We would be doing a disservice if we did not offer this to every client.


      The only other thing that is hindering a renter from buying is FEAR.  We will overcome this simple hurdle together. "Homeownership will help boost our economy once again".


      Specialties: We have over 35 wholesale lenders we have partnered with to obtain the best rate for our clients and specialize in over 50 loan programs. We can even help first time homebuyers with 500+ FICO and specialize in helping clients with credit repair prior to obtaining a loan for the best rate available to save them thousands of hard earned dollars.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Anna, welcome to the community!


          Your company sounds like an amazing opportunity for any who come in contact with you and are serious about wanting to own their own home. Or, at least to rebuild their credit scores. With the state of our nation's finances, this is a serious undertaking that your company has chosen to face.


          Please browse our discussion boards and join in the discussions where ever you can. I know we've had members asking about how to get loans with not so good credit (personal/business). Maybe you can help them figure out how to rebuild their credit so that obtaining the necessary loans is attainable.


          I look forward to reading your advice and hearing your experiences.