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    Seeking Investors

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      I have been trying to grow my business with the financial assistance of a bank or investor for quite some time now.  I have spoken with banks regarding tradition (and even SBA) type loans for the business, but since I an a victim of an upside-down mortgage with the collapse of the housing market, I have not the equity nor the collateral to offer a bank in exchange for a sizable loan.  On the flip side, I have been trying to seek investors who would be interested in my company for a 25% ROI over 5 years.  Because I am not seeking millions of dollars, nor am I willing (or able) to spend thousand upon thousands of dollars for a third-party company to pair me up with investors - with no guarantee mind you - I am struggling to locate what I need.


      What I need is simple - I need a private investor, or small group of investors, who would be willing in investing in my business to fund my growth and my idea for a new approach to my industry.  I have been in business nearly 4 years with increased revenue each year.  I have a business plan and I am ready to sit down and discuss with interested parties my business plan and why I think my new approach will work in this industry.  It's not a million dollar idea, nor a get-rich-quick type of investment, however, it can provide a modest ROI for an interested party.  I have networked with nearly everyone I know attempting to find what I am looking for, however, the few I have been able to discuss this with are either not the type of person I am looking for (someone wanting controlling stake in my business) or are not of the financial state to help.  So I am willing to listen to anyone here of any suggestions they may have for me.  Again, I am not interested in joining another website for a monthly fee costing me what would end up being thousands only for them to say "sorry - no match found."  I am wanting to talk to real people who have money they want to invest.  Suggestions?