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    Need business advice?  Steve Strauss has hit it on the head again!

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I'm sure you, like many other small business owners feel as if you are running as fast as you can and still not moving ahead.  Right?  You would like to find someone to chat with and share stories over lunch every now and then?  Explore 'war' stories with someone who can understand and possibly give some good advice?


      Steve Strauss has hit all these buttons in his newest article, 7 Places to Go For Business Advice.  After reading this article no longer will you have to feel as if you are out on a limb and hanging on as tight as you can.  He offers some great suggestions for finding a mentor and other resources that will prove valuable to you.  And part of the information - most of it is FREE!  Now I know that catches your attention.


      Treat yourself to a few minute to read this article.  Let yourself feel as if he is speaking to you, alone.  What information do you take from this that you will be proactive on?  Let us hear, we are waiting and interested to hear from you.