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      Hi! I have a convenience store and would like to add a full kitchen.But need extra cash can any one help me,by telling me how too get extra cash. My credit is not very good.

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          Hi poncedeleon,


          Welcome to our forum!  We are glad to help you out.


          In this day and age, banks are very particular in who they hand money too. I am not sure what you mean by your credit not being very good, but most banks look at your business income. If your convenience store is doing well, you might be able to procure a business loan. I would start with a bank. See which avenue is better - personal loan or business. If they won't grant you a loan, find out exactly why and go from there. An accountant maybe able to give you advice on other avenues to look for as well.


          Many members have faced this very same dilemma. Have a look around our forum and in the mean time some of our other members will share there experiences with you. Good luck!