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    Updating Your Website

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Businesses, like people, go through stages.

      Once you've been in business 7 or more years, you are no longer a young upstart business.

      On the plus side, you've got respect, a comfort zone and probably more consistent income.

      As your business grows, you also face some new challenges.

      For example:... People want to talk to you about your success.
      Sometimes they want to "pick your brain.

      Your website promotes the business you started several years ago.

      If you're like me and many business owners, you suspect you're due

      for an overhaul, but you remember the traumas of creating your first website.

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          Hi Luckiest,


          We have been in business for over 12 years and find that many newbies "pick" our brains on a regular basis. Most of their concerns happen to center around staying afloat in hard times. Which in reality, is a concern to all of us given the present economy.


          An on-line presence is definitely a topic that comes into discussion. When we picked our website design we were particularly interested in a site that would grow with us. This alleviated that trauma from the initial set up. I would recommend the same for any newbie.



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Great to know that you have been in business for over 12 years.


              Going back to my post, many of businesses spent considerable time developing their first websites.

              If they’ve been in business for more than a few years, they may still be traumatized by the experience.

              Back then, you needed an expensive web designer. You worked with a marketing coach.

              You chose a web designer who charged a ton of money.

              Then you struggled to write the copy or hired an even more expensive copywriter.


              A few years go by. Your prospects visit your site. Read your blog and they are shocked by the discrepancy. Your current website does a great job of promoting your former business.

              You’ve evolved.