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    We all love to hear compliments, but sometimes......

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Don't we just hate it when we see or hear negativity?  Sure we do, but what do we do next?  Why we stop and listen or read what has been written, of course.  It is interesting to see/hear what others have to say about what they dislike - and while we may not believe the content, we still look/listen.  That business down the street, did you hear what they did?  The customer service at this store, unbelievable.  All this negativity breeds more and before our eyes a business' reputation is down the drain.


      Steve Strauss' latest article: 5 Steps to Protecting your Business’ Reputation, discusses some steps to take to protect our business' reputation.  He reminds us: "brand management requires a commitment and constant vigilance."  So should you hear something negative about your business,  be prepared ahead of time with these 5 tips and jump into action.


      And you can be a caring competitor too.  If you hear something being passed around about another business, contact them and let them know what you have heard.  Point them to this article.  In fact, encourage them to be a part of our community.