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    Finding costumers?

    Artfulwhiz Wayfarer

      Here’s my quick background:
      I’ve been photographing my neighborhood and the city of Philadelphia for
      some time now. I’ve set up a little website mostly to showcase different events
      that are going on in my neighborhood; and started to add some historical fact
      in regards to the city. My website:



      Then I thought it might be interesting to have/sell some
      unique souvenirs, using my own photographs (digitally enhanced) ;  so I set up shops with cafepress: first souvenirs/
      gifts from my neighborhood;
        and then added souvenirs showcasing
      Philadelphia in general;  -
      since having just my own neighborhood gifts might be to narrow of a
      nitch. They both small in size since it takes time for me to make my own
      designs, but I keep adding new things on a regular bases.



      Here’s my question:
      How can I get costumers to my shops? Where can I promote my shops?


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          Hi Artfulwhiz,


          Congratulations and welcome to our forum!


          The internet is a very powerful tool for marketing. You may utilize anywhere from facebook to google words. Many people distribute flyers and business cards which provide future customers with website information. We have many discussions with great ideas about this topic. Take a look around our forum and ask away. I have provided some links to get you started. Good luck!


          Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us

          Podcast Marketing – How to Promote Your Biz Using Podcasts

          Are you using Mobile Marketing?



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            TranscriptDivas Wayfarer

            Hiya - I think the best thing might to be think about is who is looking for these products. And where are they looking

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              Artfulwhiz Wayfarer

              My costumers will be definitely a secondary market, tourists
              who visited Philadelphia before. 

              Also with my very tight neighborhood shop, that people who live or lived here
              before. All looking for some momentos from the past.

              Question arise:   Do they need those souvenir gifts? 


              As a photographer,( living and photographing in Philly for
              many years) I was trying to create something different and unique.

              (When researching souvenir, gifts, from other cities and Philly, it seems all got
              same style, mass production type). Even though I’m using Cafepress (on demand
              printing), I think each design is special and unique to Philly and/or my hood.



              So question comes: How to find those who might be interested
              in those Philly momentos?


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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Good morning and welcome, Artfulwhiz,


                  Have you reached out to companies in Philadelphia that deal with tourists?  .....companies that offer tours of the city, hotels,maybe consider talking to someone who knows how to find who to contact for advertisements on the sides of buses -- close your eyes and think of coming into town via plane, train or bus - what would you look for to find out more information on what Philly has to offer.  I'll bet the Chamber of Commerce might be a good place to contact.  What about bridal consultants?  Often people get married in some public places and you can offer them your services.


                  If you don't have a sharp-looking brochure, get one and hand it out.  People will want to hear about you and your work but what speaks louder than words?  Pictures!


                  Don't limit your dreaming - think big!  Good luck and please post back and let us know what is going on with you and your business.