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    Documentation Requirements for Opening a Bank Account for Non US Resident LLC (Delaware)

    craigedmonds Wayfarer

      I have had an non resident LLC since 2006 (I am resident in Europe) but not opened a bank account yet in the US due to it appearing to be a little complicated especially for non US residents.

      I would like to open a US Bank Account for the LLC and understand that I will need to present myself in person at a branch of Bank of America and I plan to do this in the next two weeks by travelling to New York, but in order that I dont travel the 4,300 miles only to be told I am missing something, can someone from the bank contact me or let me know exactly what I will need to bring.




      I have a British Passport
      I received EIN number last year
      I am the sole owner of the LLC since 2006
      The LLC is up to date with taxes etc
      I can provide proof of residence in my country in the form of utility bills.


      Do I need anything else than this? I was reading on one forum that I might need to prepare a "banking resolution document"?


      I will appreciate any advice from anyone on what I need to bring.


      Thank you kindly in advance.