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    Labeling: Best and Worst

    Moderator Cath Guide

      It does not take a lot of brain matter to decide whether or not you and your business would like to be known as the best in many areas.  We enjoy the praise and appreciation that comes with that.  But to be tagged in the worst category?  No one would want that to happen to their business.  Can you imagine how you would feel and what you would do if you discovered your business had been added to the list of: Worst Places to Work?  Inc. has shared a very interesting article: Don't Become One of the Worst Places to Work


      And then he continues by sharing a list of what he calls "simple 'Ps' to generate employee happiness" and of course make sure you are never added to the dreaded: Worst Place to Work list.  Some of the Ps are not difficult to achieve while others may take some time and planning but all of them are definitely doable.


      What do you think?  Are you up to the challenge of reading the article and putting some of the Ps into action?  Perhaps you are well on your way and can check off several on the list already.  Let us hear from you - tell us how your business holds up to this list?  And maybe you even have another one or two Ps to add to the list?  We are waiting to see what you think.