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    Are you interested which planes are flying overhead, right now?

    Drachsi Scout

      Live Flight Information


      If you have ever wondered where that plane above you is going, or what type is it, this flight information is now available. You might be asking, what has that got to do with my business? Well the fact is, most business people fly, and if you want to attract business viewers to your website, you need to offer something interesting, not just marketing.


      Business Blogs

      A business Blog usually about your company and it's products and services. There should be times when you include information for the business owner which is not PR or self promotion.


      Before I forget, here is the link to live flight information

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          Hi Drachsi,


          Most large corporations have a contract with certain airline agencies because of the services that they offer the business. Many business people don't have a say or even care which airline they will be using because the company they work for has already decided that for them. So I am having a hard time understanding the relevance to adding a function like this to a business website. Most people seek out and hire companies because of the reputable work they do. To me this seems like the neat gadget that we all see in the department store but never buy because its too expensive and not a necessity. Could you please elaborate the idea further, maybe I missed something.



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              Drachsi Scout

              Everybody has seen the effort made by a companies marketing department to promote products and services on a website. Most companies do not introduce interesting items of information for the benefit of the visitor, it is all about creating a relationship in another way. An example would be a soccer website, which publishes the results of the latest cricket test in India.


              Already many producers list receipts for their products, but there is much more that can be done. Each website needs to build a community around the brand, Forums, Blogs, etc are just part of the process.


              Have you never wondered about that plane overhead, where is it from, where is going? The link answers those questions. Thanks for the feedback, keep the answers coming.