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    Downloading Quickbooks WEB Connect File

    Superman859 Newbie
      Does anyone know how to download the Quickbooks WEB Connect file (.qbo extension) from Bank of America? I click 'Download' when I am looking at all my transactions online, it brings me to a page where I can select the date range and type of file. However, there is no Quickbooks file listed. There is Quicken Web Connect (.qfx) and some Microsoft Money (I think that was it, .qif) files, but nothing for Quickbooks.

      The BoA site claims to support Quickbooks, yet I cannot get the appropriate file downloaded no matter what. Without that, I don't have a chance at importing data.

      Whenever I contact customer service, they send me emails regarding how to enroll in online banking. I'm pretty sure I'm already enrolled. I can log in on the BoA site and have been doing so for many years now. I can get to the download page as well - the correct file type just isn't listed.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Superman (My Hero) Downloading Quickbooks WEB Connect File.
          I am a Quickbooks consultant. Let me look into this and get back to you.
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            pnggram Newbie
            I had this same problem. When downloaded, I selected SAVE first. Let the file save, then it brings you back to the BOA screen. Now select Download and it works. You don't really do anything specific with the saved file. I just keep overwriting the same downloaded file every time I download. Hope this helps!
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Downloading Quickbooks WEB Connect File.
              Superman (my childhood hero) welcome to this web site.
              I am a Quickbooks consultant and maybe can help you.
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                  Superman859 Newbie
                  I'm just responding to my original problem in case anyone else has this issue.

                  I have a few accounts with BOA - personal and business. I can log in with one ID and it will show all of them to me. Originally I was doing this and I saw the business account and went to the download section. In there, there is no option for a Quickbooks file and only a Quicken file (and a few others).

                  I then got a business login ID that logs me in ONLY to the business account. If I use that one, there is an option for Quickbooks download.

                  So in order to see the Quickbooks option, you must have a business login for the BOA site which you can sign up through online banking for small business (or similar). I didn't do this at first because the account showed up when I logged in to view my other accounts so it didn't seem necessary to sign up for online banking (I already had it and could log in), but it is treated as a personal account when I do that.

                  Hopefully this will help someone that runs into the same situation I had.
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                  QB_Doctor Wayfarer
                  Yes, you have to call customer service and ask them to set your account up for QB, which means it will be similar to a Business Account. They don't want to do this at first so you have to insist that you know they can do this. I had to do this with my personal account so that I can use QB, since I use it for my company as well. It works well now.

                  Call with any questions,

                  Jackie Kopp
                  ATD Solutions LLC
                  Ph 248-620-1188
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                      efitzer Newbie
                      How did you get them to set up your account for QB? I called and asked and they said unless you have a business account there is no compatibility with QB. I even mentioned that I found posts online that said it was possible and the customer service rep said no it was impossible. Incidentally intially the guy told me I would have to convert my personal credit card account to a business account, and then when I spoke to the Small Business department they said you can't convert accounts and an application would need to be submitted for a new business account.