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    Giving away Info

    LUCKIEST Guide

      One question I get often is, "How do I

      share information via videos, blog posts and calls, without giving away the store?"


      After all, you suspect, if you share your solution, nobody will come back for more!


      Any good suggestions or answers??



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          Hi Luckiest,


          Well you shouldn't reveal all the information at once anyway. Not to mention that there are many different ways to do business. If you present yourself in a unique and creative fashion plus just give them enough information to keep them coming back, then you are set.


          Then there is the opposite way of doing things. Show them the end result and not totally reveal how exactly you got to that point. Let them be dazzled by your work to keep them coming back.


          Which method you choose depends on your type of business. For our architectural company, we used the end result method (for obvious reasons).



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            LeslieVZ Adventurer

            Interesting thing to consider is that it is not always a just a matter of knowing how to do something. If you are offering a service, prospective customers may appreciate understanding your process. This helps you establish credibility as a professional.  But they are coming to you to take care of doing it so that they can spend their time on other things.

            For example - I know how to make really awesome pancakes. But I still like to go out for brunch on a nice Sunday morning in SF.

            Here is another example.  My firm offers online display advertising for local businesses.  To help prospective customers understand how it works, we have created a guide called "Getting Started with Local Online Display." (Hint, hint - click this link to download it and read it yourself).  It gives a very good description of the process of setting up and running an online ad campaign.  But I don't expect that people will want to then just run their campaigns themselves, because there are still some pretty technical parts of running a good campaign that a busy entrepreneur won't want to have to do themselves.

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                LUCKIEST Guide

                Good point Leslie

                Can you relate ...

                You've got a hungry market waiting for your workshop, 6-step signature system,

                coaching program or home study course.

                When you launch those opportunities, you could earn thousands of dollars.

                There's just one problem.

                You need a sales letter. Even today, when you sell a lot with video, you need some kind of

                landing page where your prospects can learn about your offering.


                But if you're like most business owners, you won't have a sales yet.

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                    LUCKIEST Guide

                    The truth is ...

                    Sales letters are more important than ever before - precisely because everyone is so busy.

                    When you write a short sales letter, every word has to count.

                    When you write any sales letter, you need to grab your prospect's interest.

                    Writing a sales letter isn't rocket science, but ...

                    OK, you don't need advanced degrees to write a sales letter.


                    But you DO need some techniques, skills and knowledge

                    You can hire a copywriter. But the good ones are booked up (and charge accordingly).


                    You want to get this sales letter out and when you start earning serious income,

                    you'll hire a copywriter.

                    Wouldn't it be nice to have a mentor working with you as you begin your marketing campaign ... someone who understands exactly how to write a sales letter and gives you guidance,

                    feedback an inspiration?

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                        Moderator Cath Guide

                        Hi Luckiest,


                        Interesting that you mention a mentor relationship!  Steve Strauss' newest article: 6 Steps to Maintain and Grow Your Mentor Relationship speaks to that relationship.  Mentors can be great but planning needs to enter in too.  A clear outcome should be in place before the agreement is made.


                        Between Steve Strauss, you, and others in the community - we can be of assistance to anyone looking for a mentor, don't you think?



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                            LUCKIEST Guide

                            Cath, as a SCORE counsel, I am always willing to be in a mentoring relationship.

                            I have written many posts about mentoring

                            And also mentioned that SCORE is a GREAT mentor.

                            I will go and read S.Strauss post next.


                            Thanks,  LUCKIEST

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                                LUCKIEST Guide

                                More questions on Marketing and Branding


                                What is your greatest challenge related to marketing your business??


                                If you could meet with an expert on any aspect of marketing, branding, strategy or copywriting,

                                what would you ask??


                                Would you sign up for a site that focuses on branding, messaging and copywriting??


                                What format do you prefer for workshops and courses??