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    Looking for suggestions

    Garden Wayfarer

      I Am reading stories of many how difficult is to get any financing to start business. Yes, it is correct. No money and grants are very hard to get it.

      Wondering if anyone has any suggestions what should I do to find financing for start up. There is a big demand for fresh food in many places. Federal, state government are involved to supply fresh food to many communities by offering grants, loans, etc. yes, on a paper. It is really hard to get it. I have a busines plan ready, great concept, great location available but no financial support. I sent many letters to food companies asking for donation but so far nothing. Many of them offer grants to non profit organization only. Even after presenting to them my concept and getting great feedback from them, .... "great idea and fit perfectly with our goal, our programs, etc.  but only non profit organization"

      I am getting nowhere. This suppose to be a big concept, supply, education, promotion, etc. and needs some money. Anything else, smaller will miss the point of this organization. Estimated for $650k to start.

      Any suggestion appreciated.