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    Business savvy - pretty good -- Tech savvy - ???

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Steve Strauss hits the matter directly on the head with his comment, "In this digital age, running your business right means handling your technology issues smartly."   What?  It isn't enough to be on top of business trends and working to improve our customer service - and now we have to be a techie, too?


      Read his article: 5 Tech Mistakes that Small Businesses Make.  Do you see your business in any of his 5 trends?  Or maybe a better question, would you like to see your business in a few of these trends?   Better to know about it now and work to overcome the issue than to ignore and be sorry in the long run.


      He asks at the end of his article: "What technological innovations are you making this year?"  We'd like to know, also.  Won't you post and let Steve and the rest of us know?