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    How do I QC my new website

    raftam Scout


      How can I get people to look at my website so I can get their input as far as design, look / feel and functionality.

      Can I post the DEV site URL here and have viewers look at it then tell me what they think (comment  and or suggestion)?

      thanks for any help


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          Azunga Adventurer

          I'm happy to take a look.  I'm sure plenty of people here will help and give good feedback.  Other discussion based web sites will help you too for sure.  Digital point forums, Reddit, and Warrior forums (search Google) will all be able to provide constructive criticism. 


          You can email me with the dev link if you'd like.


          Portland Web Sites

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            Hi Raftam,


            Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to post up your link so that we may offer you guidance any way we can.



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              Azunga Adventurer

              I checked out the site.   Be forewarned that I'm a web designer / search engine optimization professional / graphic designer and very, very critical of web sites.


              Overall: What does it offer that other solutions don't offer (specifically Craigslist or Ebay)?  It's going to be hard to compete with them....  Really focus on making it apparent to visitors that your site is better because of "whatever your feature or function that the rest don't offer"


              Things I would change or think about with your site as far as design / user interface:


              • I can't say I'm a fan of the random color scheme (mostly the gross green). Try for color pallet ideas that are really nice.
              • Instead of a scrolling featured items why not just have a full listing of them all below the search?  Having to click through tons of just images is annoying and probably won't get used much.
              • Get an addon called "web developer" and set the browser size to 1024x768 to see that it cuts off some of the page and navigation.  1024x768 makes up a large majority of screen size for PC's.
              • Better icons through out the site. They look old and outdated.  Get a icon pack that fits your needs, that looks modern, and use JUST those to keep uniformity throughout the site.
              • Check out for a nicer background.  I usually prefer white, grey, or black with a nice pattern overlayed.
              • Make logo clickable to return to main homepage.
              • Remove all the "mytotalpage" from everything.  Doesn't look professional.
              • I would setup the search (the main focus of the front page) to be nicer.  It looks like it's just stuck there and out of place.  It's not inviting to use.


              Honestly, I do (on all sites I make) create a mockup of what the site will look like first in Photoshop then go from there.  Spend a lot of time on it (at least 10-15hrs) and don't skimp on things.  Then after you get feedback from that mockup and make a final mockup with those changes, use that design to make the site framework or structure.  Making the site as you go "on the fly" just doesn't come out that well and doesn't look as professional as it could. 


              Feel free to contact me for help or questions.


              - Portland Web Design And Development from Azunga

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                Moderator Berta Guide

                Hi raftam,


                I looked at your site and at first was slightly confused as to what exactly it was about. I would suggest giving a little detail about the company/website on the home page. Your site is very bland at this point, strictly from a consumer point of view.


                Sorry to be so harsh.