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    Cracking the Code

    Moderator Cath Guide

      The code?  The customer service code - and Steve Strauss is all about telling us how in his new article: 5 Innovative Customer Service Ideas for 2013 today.  If you are happy with your customer service, read the article.  If you think you might need some suggestions, read the article.  If you have tried everything you know to make things better and nothing seems to be working, read the article.  In fact EVERYONE should read this one.  It's not long but it IS packed with helpful information.  And it might turn your customer service approach around, and in doing that improve your business' vision to your customers and in the long run, keep your customers coming back.


      I love the quote in the article, " To achieve great customer service, it has to be more than a motto hanging in your break room."  Does this touch a nerve?  Is your business paying lip service and lip service only to your customer?  Read the article!


      If you read anything that caught your attention in this article, let us hear from you.  Did it help?  How?