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    SBOC to the Rescue!

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Now that the new year has arrived, you may have decided on adding to your staff.  But you don't need full time employees (or maybe you do).  Want some assistance?  The SBOC has an informative article, The Small Business Guide to Using Freelancers all ready to give you the needed help you might have been looking for.


      "Thanks to the digital revolution, freelancers can specialize in many more services than a generation ago, and businesses can literally search the world for the best resources for their needs."  Doesn't this sound like you should (at least) take a look?  Not only listing some services your business could use, there is a list on the bottom of the article of places to begin your search for these newest employees.


      How is your business doing?  Need some additional help?  Let us know how this has helped.