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    SEO,The new website should be how to promote。

    oppein898 Wayfarer

      The new website should be how to promote,   How to optimize your own web site, in line with seo?

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          thedavid Adventurer

          Ok this one is interesting. Unfortunately search engines change SEO algorithms so often it is very hard to keep up with them. Google to my knowledge has close to two hundred categories that need to be met for your website to be optimized. The real kicker is that you can't do all two hundred it will actually hurt your website. There are a lot of details but the two main things I should mention is probably links pointing to your website and content, content, content. You gotta have ORIGINAL content that is actually relevant to your website. The structure of your website also needs to be functional and user friendly. Search engines know and understand more than you think they do. If a website is easy to use, has a lot of helpful information it is logical that other users will find it useful thus it will get more traffic. The more traffic the higher you will start ranking on search results. I also recommend doing some reading on PR ranks ( Page Rank, after Larry Page of Google)  Traffic is what is key, you get traffic people will even pay to advertise on your website. Bottom line Googles are getting smarter by the day, don't look for shortcuts, add value to your site, helpful info for your clients you will be rewarded. It is impossible to describe SEO in a short blog form as I consider it as much an art form as a science, but you are more welcome to ask specific questions which I will be more than happy to address. I hope the moderators keep this post...


          Dave G.

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            Azunga Adventurer

            Dave has it right.  Keep putting new, unique, quality content on your site.  Naturally people will want to link to you as you'll eventually have some great content on there. 


            - Azunga

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              thedavid Adventurer

              There is a bit of an irony here... The main goal for BofA to create this blog was for us users to provide them with constant, fresh content to boost their main bank site, notice smallbusinessonlinecommunity is just s sub domain serving as a booster for their main website. Nothing wrong with it, I have a Q & A type of a blog on my site, I wouldn't have pointed it out if it wasn't in itself a way to answer the main question.

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                  brandyc Adventurer



                  The Panda/Penguin algorithm updates by Google hurt a lot of webmasters.  In general those that weren't affected and maybe gained from the changes were people who were more concerned about content than SEO.  I think backlinks, SEO optimization, etc. are only important in being noticed by Google.  The real SEO comes from quality content that keeps people on your site and makes other sites want to link to you because you have something to offer.


                  I'm not an expert but this is what I've noticed especially in the past 1 year.



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                  koln123 Tracker

                  Logical, user friendly content, that is updated and interesting.    However one does have to think about how to promote it.   In the non digital world, if one provides a service, has good intentions and always thinks to add value, great, though if they cannot be found no one will know.   So those with all the right stuff cant expect others to automatically be drawn to them.   It may happen, but they need to do more.  Just like 30 years ago, they have to socialize, mingle, talk to people and ultimately, advertise their "stuff" at the same time.   SBLD