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    Start-up Questions

    slyle Newbie

      Hi community -


      I am looking for general legal advice and business advice on a few different issues. First, we are looking to find an attorney that can help us with general business matters associated with structuring our business. We are primarily concerned with ways that we can structure our business so that we receive the most favorable tax treatment in different states. Is it better to set up subsidiaries that is children to the main corporation  or is it better to set up different corporations for each state we are doing business in? or is it better to be a foreign entity doing business in a different jurisdiction? Second, we are looking for trademark advice on how to file for  a trademark at the Patent office. Ideally, we would like to hire  an attorney to do this for us but if its a simple process, then we may consider doing the filing ourselves. Is it better to file for  a state trademark or a federal trademark and what is the difference?





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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Sandy,


          Welcome to the community! You've asked some great questions that I know our members can give advice on. My recommendation on the attorney for setting up your business would be one that specializes in business law and/or tax law. That way he/she can answer your questions and make sure that you are set up properly in all the states you have operations in. You can also find a lot of answers at the SBA's website at .


          I wish you well in your endeavors and can't wait to see our members advice.



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            gravy00 Wayfarer



            Please take this message as business advice but not necessarily legal advice. First, I would strongly suggest you speak to your accountant as to the best way to structure your business. It really is impossible to advise you on the optimal way to arrange your corporation (or corporations as your question somewhat implies) without understanding the nature of your business and therefore the tax treatment of how the revenue would be treated. It is MUCH easier to manage the tax consequences of a foreign entity doing business as opposed to setting up subsidiaries or even a completely new corporation in each state. Again though,  you need to speak to your accountant because it DEPENDS on the nature of your business. Second, as regarding your trademark question, it again really DEPENDS how complicated your trademark application is. You may want to get an attorney to look at your brand and see if it is unique. There are some good resources online that can show you how to submit for  atrademark. See, How to file for a Trademark Registration at the USPTO – Legal Advice . How do I file a Trademark Application? and How to File a Trademark | are just some guides to follow. But it can easily become an overwhelming experience if you are not familiar with this particular area of law. And trademark law is really complicated so you really may want to speak to a lawyer. I have filed trademarks for my own business so its not impossible to do for oneself if you wanna save some money and not hire a attorney. But thats a personal choice.



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