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      Would it surprise you that the first article we see on the first day of this new year is from Steve Strauss?  I read the title: 2013 Outlook for Small Business Owners and approached his words with interest.  After all, why wouldn't we be interested in reading Steve's wise words?  We all are probably breathing a bit easier since it appears that Washington is not going to lead us over the cliff......and with us, our businesses.


      I read, "...the good news is that things are turning around and the forecast for 2013 looks to be clear.".  Good things on the horizon: more jobs?  There IS light at the end of the tunnel!   Our vision should be clearer now - we can move forward - we can implement some of the ideas and plans that have been rattling around in the back of our minds.


      Read this latest article and be prepared to finish it with optimism.  Thanks, Steve - and Happy New Year!