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    Why visit an affiliate store?

    avataar Adventurer

      Why would someone buy from an affiliate marketing website of any famous brand or selling business,when the customers can visit directly to the store's website and purchase or subscribe the service/product?

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi avataar,


          That's a great question! I can't wait to see our members answers.



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            Azunga Adventurer

            Because of many reasons...


            When a user finds an affiliate they might not know that they are an affiliate so they just click on the link to go buy the product (which ends up being an affiliate link).


            Also visitors sometimes don't know what they want to purchase.  The affiliate site might lead them in the direction of their product.


            Most importantly I don't think people that shop from affiliate sites don't know they are affiliates.  They just think they are the source...


            - Azunga

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              brandyc Adventurer

              My experience as an affiliate isn't doing the actual sales.  My job is marketing.  I may have a site that gives information about certain products or give a review.  This is more of a warm-up before sending them onto the main retailer through one of my links.  I then receive a commission or payment of some kind when a purchase is actually made.  This is my definition of the usual affiliate role.

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                avataar Adventurer

                Hi azunga and brandyc, Thanks for your replies.I want to start an affiliate business that's why I asked the question.

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                  Drachsi Scout

                  I have been a member of affiliate programs for a while, most seem to offer a good service. I have had one very bad experience from ( After complete an extensive form, which including a lot of detail and banking information, the message I received was, it will be reviewed and this could take 5 days.


                  After 5 days I did receive an email confirming my application had been rejected. OK it is their decision. I then sent a large number of emails requesting confirmation that my application details would be deleted from their system. No reply to anything. I then gave warning I would report this to the Internet Crime Complaint Center and Better Business Bureau  No reply, so I reported the company. If you have bad experiences, you should do the same.