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    Are you into resolutions?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Whether or not you are a resolution-maker, it would behoove you to take a few minutes and read the SBOC article New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs.  For ever so long, I thought resolutions for the new year had to be HUGE ones but sometimes the smaller ones can be the life changing ones. 


      SBOC says: "The dawn of every new year brings optimism for starting anew and becoming a little wiser and maybe a bit more efficient".  Sound good to you?  I like wiser and more efficient!  Take a peek at this article and see if you can (or maybe should) incorporate some of these into your business.


      You still have some time to consider what your new year will look like -- but beware, the days are getting shorter. Don't delay and then realize that by taking some simple steps your business will move more smoothly for you, your employees and your customers.


      Happy New Year!



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          moneytrack Scout

          The making of the resolution is the easiest part.  The tough part is following through.  Just peek your head inside the local gym in early January, and then look again in late February and you'll see the crowd has thinned out.  Everyone wants to become wealthy, thin and smart.  However, those that become truly successful are the ones that have a plan in place to follow through on there resolution.



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              Hi Moneytrack,


              I separate personal from business. A personal resolution is a goal that you would like to reach for personal improvement. Most of the time if we don't succeed with our personal resolution its because we on some level have given up.


              Business, in my opinion, is a must. Many times mitigating circumstances beyond our control prevents or slows business progression.  Once a year we evaluate the business and see how much progress we have made to reach our original business plan. We then make changes if needed to ensure that our original goals will be met. It proves to be an up hill battle but we all must make a living some how.