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    New here

    trimarco52 Newbie

      Hi I am new here.


      I am Energy Conservation Consultant & Energy Broker in the State of Texas. We help you find the best Rates on electric along with the best terms; along with great information on Energy Conservation and I do this locally. However I am trying to learn how to market on the net.

      I have used my website only as something I put on my business car along with email and fax number.


      Any advice would be appreciated. I just learn my ranging on Google is 0.


      I used Gorilla Marketing and it was disaster after 4 months all they wanted was another $700.00 to get better ranking.


      Steven F. Trimarco_____________

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          Hi Trimarco52,


          Welcome to our forum. You came to the right place to ask for ideas.


          There are many things you can do to advertise. I'm not sure what your budget is, but if you want to try the inexpensive way, advertise on the free websites (Facebook, Craigslist, local online papers, etc...). The more expensive way would be to purchase key words from Google to boost your on line rating. I hope this helps.