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    Where is the financing for entrepreneurs?

    PapaGator Adventurer

      I must be out of the money loop.There doesn't seem to be a way for someone with ideas to find any financial backer that has the ability to listen and understand the ideas and goals expected by people that are willing to do the due diligence ahead and just need the financing. I have been trying to get the help and everyone is either scamming or saying we don't do that anymore. Is there any legitimate way to accomplish moving ahead with positive ideas?

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          Hi PapaGator,


          I am not quite sure what it is that you are asking.


          If you are looking for investors, they will be interested in only one thing -  how much of a return they will receive in the shortest period of time. Everything hinges on the presentation of your business plan. If you don't have a sound idea and their return is not high enough people will not invest.


          If you're looking for a bank to finance your idea, they ask to see your business plan and inquire about your current finances.  


          It might help us if you gave a little more detail so that we can help you further.



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              PapaGator Adventurer

              Thanks for replying to my inquiry. The information needed is very involved but I will try to hit the high points. My first idea is one of existing real estate that exist in my ownership with 18 of 21 properties completely paid for. I have real property that is taxed in Leon County in the city of Tallahassee, Florida 32311. I need to replace all the old mobile homes that exist on the lots. I cannot rent them because of the inability to have them insured. They are all 1966 to 1985 models that are too old for insuring. It is the nature of the beast. My idea is to replace the homes with all new modular homes that would increase the values and be insurable and rentable for decent money. My wife and I rode to Lake City Florida to look at the factory that builds the newest models and witnessed the better quality than the ones I have now. They are built with all new code requirements and they are as good if not better built than any stick built home in Tallahassee. Okay now the additional information. I need to start a business to manage them and to have other businesses that would be under the umbrella of the company.The business would need to be run like a business with a purpose. The removal of the old models and the landscaping of the lots for the new units would require some outside mover company but I would run a landscaping business that would take trees down and prep the lots properly. There are some very large and dangerous pine trees that I want to give to my family in Sopchoppy, Florida for them to build a home with. I would need an articulating boom truck, a large chipper and a large trailer to haul the trees on for the portable saw mill that I might find to work them into the size needed for construction. So, new homes,tree service equipment,and all the additional portable carports for the lots and porches needed will be a total of about 1.3 million dollars. The income from the rent would average minimum $600.00 and be $12,600 total a month. The location of the homes are in Paradise Village East on the corner of Capital Circle South East and the Apalachee Parkway. This is in the middle of the biggest growth going on in Tallahassee's East side. I really would like to give you some more of my ideas but try this out and let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks

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              johnimmanuel Newbie

              1.If you have a Purchase Order then there are people to finance it.

              2.You should have 10% of cash reserve of the amount of money you are expecting to finance.

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                treys0ccr Adventurer

                Please let me know how everything goes if you do decide to fill out the application and I will do my best to assist you further if need be.