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    Excellent ROI for $100k , legal support biz

    lpo.manila Newbie

      I am based in Manila, Philippines and have several attorneys with various Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO ) experience
      collaborating with me as consultants. Some did work for companies with
      non-disclosures that is related to America's top legal research providers. Another worked for a Ninth Circuit appellate public

      Not all US law firms who outsource are secretive. Some are very open with their
      operations like Baker & McKenzie and RR Donneley. The former occupies four storeys in a prime
      commercial building, while the other is always in the hunt for new attorneys as
      can be seen from their online ads. The pay local attorneys $700 to $1,000 per month or $4 to $6 per hour. The medium sized outsourcing outfits pay even less.

      The services we can immediately offer after three months are in
      the following areas:

      Legal Transcription

      Data encoding

      Voir Dire Analysis & Summary

      Contract Review & Summary

      Contract Drafting


      Don't be surprised if training catches up very quickly. Filipino attorneys speak and spell American English, their law books are all written and recited in English.

      We often turn into American jurisprudence for some of our reference as our Constitution and other laws are patterned after the US Constitution, like our Bill of Rights and the Miranda doctrine, to name a few. Some of our Justices in our Court of Appeals and our Supreme Court
      instruct their drafters to use when confronted with issues without established

      We have
      two locally established players in this industry with not less than $3B of networth for their holding companies. They are concentrating on big
      name firms and even send lawyers abroad to take state bars just to please clients for marketing purposes, not for improving quality as the output is very satisfactory already.

      I am
      presently working as a Business Entry Consultant for Japanese and (some) American
      nationals. I once assisted a CA based businessman
      in acquiring property through incorporation to set up his own mini call center
      (20 seats or less). Yes, I am very IT
      literate, from PC troubleshooting, to wireless networking.

      I am open to other business investment in the Philippines, but I am
      more interested in LPO. LPO requires more
      salary for lawyers, but the overhead is less compared with a mini-call center as
      to number of personnel, work stations, smaller office space, less consumption of utilities, and also bills more dollars per hour.
      I have spent two years in training about this LPO project and I believe I
      have gathered enough training materials and knowledge to facilitate the
      training of local attorneys. The
      training is initially intended to make local attorneys at par with US paralegals,
      but further aims to be up right there with the associate level. Training is from three to six months.

      Once the
      Filipino attorney acquaints himself/herself with American jurisprudence, legal
      terminology, and common law, the rest of the training is a breeze.

      I would like to have a partner/s with this LPO project and discuss this further.