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    G-muni Newbie
      I've been presented with the opportunity to buy a house that's in foreclosure. it sounds to good to be true, and like most things, they usually are. does anyone have any experiences with this that could tell me if this is legitimate or not?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Foreclosure's. G Welcome to this web site.
          Things that sound too good to be true, some times are.
          Tell us more about yourself and this foreclosure.
          What do you do for a living??
          Do you have a Lawyer??
          How soon do you need to make a decision??
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            You say you're being presented with the opportunity -- by whom, in what state, and in what form (i.e., preforeclosure, REO, auction)? I'm not an attorney or real estate professional, but I have purchased two foreclosures that worked out well for me, and I may be able to offer insight into this offer if you can provide a little more info. Thanks.