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    Marketing a local online classified ads site

    codymx3 Newbie
      I've started a local online classified ads site and I am about ready to start marketing it. I currently use google adwords, have a couple link swaps with a couple local websites, and I have sent out about 20 postcards to real estate offices and employment agencies. So far I have seen no response from the postcards but then again it's only been about a week.

      Any suggestions as to how to market this baby? Currently there are only one other website such as mine which is run by the newspaper that circulates all around so I have a market for it at least.


      Like I said, any suggestions would be wonderful. I have common sense but I would like to hear from people with much more website marketing experience.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Marketing a local online classified ads site. Welcome to this web site.
          Do you know about SCORE. SCORE will help you develop both a Business
          and Marketing Plan FREE.
          SCORE wants to help you succeed in person or on line.
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            SOHOguru Wayfarer

            I see this was posted months ago. Have things changed for you? I was going to mention that you could follow our step as we launch our local classifieds site for Franklin County NC after the first of the year in 2009.

            One of the first things we are going to do is to enlist college students to canvas the relatively small town of Louisburg which is the county seat. Other avenues will be tapped to cover the other towns within the county. The students will be instructed to offer a free advertising slot for the business they walk in to and solicit the verbiage right then and there along with the contact email information - thus building an immediate newsletter / email marketing database as well. When the free classified term is up, email notification for renewal at a very, very small dollar rate will be issued.

            Luckiest - a lot of counties like ours do not have a local SCORE chapter. My company was solicited to remake the SCORE website for the Raleigh NC based chapter, but those resources are over an hour away from our location for the residents of this county to get to. While it is true that SCORE resources are invaluable and should be important enough on an entrepreneurs list to make every effort to take advantage of, it is not always a practical solution.

            If anyone is interested in the marketing launch information and reports on activities, we can make it a public "case study" perhaps, if there is enough interest.

            For further marketing tidbits and activity, you can follow me on Twitter - and we also follow Matts Cutts - Senior head guru of everything search engine at Google

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Marketing a local online classified ads site, Welcome

              Who are you?? Where are you located?? Go to Members page and share some info.

              I personally think that mailing out postcards is a waste. Since you already mail them out, have you followed up with personal phone calls asking if they received the cards and do they have any questions.

              Two suggestions. Try finding a reporter at the local newspaper and have the reporter do a story about what you are doing and how it will help the community (and maybe include something FREE)

              The other suggestion is developing a Marketing Plan. SCORE can help. SCORE is FREE and also has a FREE Virtual Learning Center.

              Good luck, LUCKIEST