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    Naming Your Business with Help from Steve Strauss

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Think back to when your children were born (if you have no children, just imagine - ok?).  During the months before the baby arrives, you and your spouse do a lot a planning: preparing a nursery, buying clothing and supplies, dreaming of how this new arrival will look and which side of the family he/she will resemble more, and on and on.  BUT the one thing you all discuss and re-discuss the most is what to name this soon-to-be-present child.  Hours and hours are spent at this critical detail, right?


      Well Steve Strauss' newest article: What’s in a Name? How to Choose a Name for Your Business or Product addresses this subject too!  He tells us, "If your business is not different, unique, or remarkable, it is unlikely to be remembered."  And don't we know it?  We have probably spent as much time trying to decide on our business' name as we spent on the naming of our children.  Steve breaks the decision process into 3 categories and then goes on to discuss each.


      Has this article helped you clear out the clutter in your mind about naming your business?  Does it help avoid some of the pitfalls that you may have made?  Share your business-naming stories.  And share this article with another person who is going through the naming process.



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          I totally agree. When we decided to start our architectural company we spent months writing down ideas on what we should call it. We also picked a motto to go with the name as well (we use it for advertising purposes). We got into many disagreements. We even looked into the yellow pages to see exactly what is and isn't out there.


          In the end we considered 3 things to make sure our business was a success. The first letter of the company (for advertising), the nature of the business, and will the motto accentuate the title.