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    Missing post

    crosscountry Adventurer



      I posted a discussion about QR codes last week. The link was but it is not published, nor included in my activity feed.


      I imagine something about the post violated the community guidelines. Could you tell me what was wrong with the post? The topic? The content? mentioning my business? I want to prevent writing content that is not accepted by you.


      Thank you,

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          LWMareS Scout

          Hello CrossCountry,


          I am sorry that your post was not visible and I appreciate your bringing it to our attention. I have gone ahead and corrected that and you should be able to see it now. Your post is a welcome contribution and I hope it encourages some interesting discussion.


          A single link to your company is acceptable. For the complete Community Guidelines, please follow the link.


          Thank you again for posting,


          Mare Stern

          Moderation Manager