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    Intelligent uses for a QR code

    crosscountry Adventurer

      A qr code is an image with embedded data. With the increased use of smart phones that include camera's, the use of QR codes has grown.


      At first, I was not interested with the QR code technology, but a few days ago, I came across a girl who gave me a business card that included a qr code. Now, I think these are brilliant. I often spend a minute or two entering a person's contact information into my phone or contact application and then throw away the card. But having a qr code with all of her contact information made it easy for me to collect her information. Not only that, but I collected her information error free.


      I downloaded the qr reader app from and then I held the code in front of my phone's camera and voila... the contact information from this intelligent girl was in my phone and I could do whatever I need it with it; email it, added to contacts, etc.


      So now I have a better appreciation for this technology, and I am sure that as many predicted, the use of these codes for marketing, advertising and information sharing will grow sooner rather than later.


      For example, we were thinking about creating a mobile only webpage to answers questions about our mortgage branch opportunities. Of course, we have already created the qr code (easy and fast):


      mortgage branch opportunity

      Then, we make it easy for people with smart phones to get the url of our page and learn about branch member benefits.


      Are you currently using qr codes? If yes, how are you using these?

      If not, now that you are familiar with these, are you thinking of ways you could use these?