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    Holiday Stress

    LUCKIEST Guide

      With the holidays coming, a lot of people are already feeling stressed

      and would like to wrap up those loose ends.

      Who needs that extra stress?


      Happy Holidays

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          moneytrack Scout

          I always try to get my shopping done before Thanksgiving, or that weekend at the latest.  I always know that I am going to be extremely busy during the holidays, and there is going to be something that comes up.  By taking care of things as early as possible, I can better enjoy the holidays.



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            Hi Luckiest,


            I usually plan ahead and priorities. If for what ever reason I don't get to the last couple of things than its no big deal and will get it done as soon as I can.



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                LUCKIEST Guide

                We are enjoying a spectacular winter day here in New York

                and everything looks very festive for the winter holidays.


                But what if you're feeling Scrooge-y because


                - you're trying to finish that pesky sales letter so you can leave the office and do fun stuff?


                - you want to take another look at your niche or brand so you can get moving on your next campaign?


                - you got some advice and you want a second opinion so you can feel more confident about your next step?


                Who wouldn't feel like a Scrooge? I'd be choosing the Grinch as my role model. 


                No worries. Happy Holidays