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    Replacing Paypal

    lorap Wayfarer

      Hello everyone,

      I am a new community member with a question: I now use Paypal to bill my clients (I have a job search strategy coaching business).  I use Paypal because most people already have a Paypal account and I can get paid immediately.  I don't need invoices, per se, I just need to collect deposits and balances.


      I just added up the fees I paid Paypal and they amounted to over $300 since January.  I would like to replace Paypal with a low-cost or cost-free option.  Does anyone use any of the BofA small business tools to do what I do via Paypal?  If so, how do you like them?


      I have a Bookkeeper who keeps my books, so I don't want to use the Quckbooks or Intuit options unless I can get paid directly (via a website).


      Thanks for any advice you can offer!



      Seattle, WA