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    Need a Mentor...developing a new electronics product.

    aman74 Newbie
      Hi all, nice forum, I'm learning a lot, but too bad we can't search titles only that I know of.

      My partner and I have a product idea. We think we can handle parts of the development, but mostly it's out of our league. We have started contacting patent lawyers and I'm finding that the price varies wildly and I'm not sure why that's the case? From 100 all the way to 1200 dollars to file a provisional.

      I've heard that you can easily file a provisional on your own. However, the patent search and other things involved sound like they may be best left to an expert. Any thoughts on this?

      When it comes time for the utility patent is a lawyer advised? I seem to think so, but my partner wants to try and tackle it ourselves. If this as ill advised, can you let me know why?

      We're just starting to speak with product development firms and this is where I need the most guidance. For the sake of giving an example similar to our product think of it as an alarm clock. Our device has about the same amount of complexity, but the casing will be hinged.

      We can probably handle the code for the product as my partner is a computer science major. LCD's are pretty cheap, as are PCB's, not sure how much it is to have the PCB layout designed though. The casing is the really pricy part from what I can tell.

      My partner is approaching this as if we can have individual parts made, possibly from different sources and assemble them ourselves. He's thinking this way since the product development costs seem to start at 50,000 dollars.

      My approach is that we should focus on raising capital and pay a firm to design and manufacture the product so it can be all that it can be and we can focus on the business aspects. If the product takes off I think we would have a hard time filling orders ourselves even though our market isn't anything the size of say MP3 players or something. The item will be in a smaller market and not sold at Best Buy or Walmart, etc...

      I feel like we need to talk to someone who has been through this before. I think an hour or two with someone like that would do a world of good. If anyone knows who I should or could be speaking to please let me know.

      I was going through the yellow pages and looking for patent lawyers, consultants, product developers and contract manufacturer's. Many aren't listed with a specialty or anything so it's hard to go about this in this manner. What should I be doing to obtain these contacts?

      I think another important aspect to tackle would be to get some sales figures for the market we will be in. How would I obtain those? Do we need a consultant for that and what kind of fee can I expect?

      Does Score help to answer all these questions? We are really dedicated, but at the same time intimidated since we have no experience in these areas.

      Thanks Sincerely,