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    Where to post?

    disher18 Scout

      Asside from being a radio host i am an artist. Where should i post ads for people to see my ads. I draw and paint for anyone and also do business logos. Where can i post that people who need art and people who own businesses will se it?


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          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          There are many places you can advertise your talent, you can try your local paper, get some business cards printed out and give them out or pin them to pin-boards many local businesses have up for just such a purpose. Check and see if your local post-office has a pin-board where you can leave your business card or a handbill. You could also advertise on social media sites. Talk to some of your local business owners and see if you can display some of your work in their store. There are many possibilities to advertise and I am sure that out other posters here can come up with some unique one's that you might be able to use to help promote your artistic talents.