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    Need some help with a Las Vegas based transportation company

    Extescalade22 Newbie
      Hello to all in the Forum,

      Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Brian, and I am looking to start a luxury transportation company in Las Vegas, NV. I live here, and have a day to day interaction with tourists and a eye level view of the needs and weaknesses of the current transportation market.

      That being said, I want to start a luxury transportation service in Las Vegas that not only addresses the normal transportation needs of the visitors, but I also want to cater to business professionals and other large clients in providing luxury and executive transportation.

      I know that this question will probably come up in a response, so yes, I do have a business plan, I also have a marketing plan within that business plan, and an Investment Summary.

      Those who may doubt that a new transportation service may work, we have thought about that too. I have been in contact with major corporations and have letters of intent for brand extensions, for custom branded items such as rims, our own line of custom grilles for cars, toy replicas that can be purchased as souvenirs, and we have even been in contact with a yacht company and we were given a green light as to the capacity to build our own custom yacht if we ever decided to expand to Miami.

      I have done all of this work, and I have been hitting road block after road block as far as trying to find an investor. I have explored traditional methods of acquiring capital, but I feel that having an investor would provide the flexibility to create a world class business, and not have to be on a set schedule of immediate payments that a traditional loan would require.

      If anyone has any ideas, please, by all means, reply to this thread, and we can start one on one contact. Thanks to all in advance for help, and I will talk with you soon.......


      Best Regards,