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    SaaS is good for the small business

    crosscountry Adventurer

      SaaS, software as a service, has greatly facilitated small business to invest technology to enhance business operations.


      Good examples of SaaS are any app, Google apps, Microsoft office live, etc.


      Some of the reasons why SaaS is so good for small businesses is that contrary to having to spend a few hundred dollars right of the bid, consuming SaaS through monthly membership is like amortizing the cost of Box and CD.


      Not only that, but with SaaS we save on hardware maintenance. Most cloud software providers keep our data safe, and we are not required to backup  computers nor to update the software.


      Not so clear yet, but slowly evolving, is the ability to mix apps to increase the productivity of an app or software. Since the software is in the cloud, through API access and such, we can enhance the basic functions of our software and enhance it.


      So, if you are struggling with SaaS because you don;t get the same sense of ownership over your software, just remember that in two or three years we are required to update our systems and we have to give up our copies anyway.


      In our company our branch partners benefit from bundled applications that help managers operate their mortgage branch efficiently and  save time to focus on team training and opening of new markets. They have access to real time data that helps them make better decisions, and they free up time. One of the best things is the portability of the data, we carry the data to selling point or vacation.




      Do you see software providing companies, apps and SaaS, increasing the pricing for storage in the near future?

      Do you use SaaS? What benefits of this delivery model do you value most?