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    Inexpensive POS  systems

    amspcs Ranger
      Go to for excellent prices on POS systems. I'm an Intuit/Quickbooks Merchant Services affiliate, but I don't even try to sell POS hardware directly from Intuit/QB because, believe it or not, QB wholesale prices to me are more expensive than what you can buy the very same system for _retail f_rom least that was the case last time I checked several months back. So I just send POS customers to Gemini and make my living on the processing end instead of the equipment end...unfortunate that QB undercuts it's own reps but it is what it is. When I quote a price and the customer turns around and finds the same thing for hundreds less online at Gemini it makes me look like a gouger which I'm not.. I have no interest or afffiliation whatsoever w/Gemini and I don't make a dime off of what they sell...I wish I did !

      As far as the merchant services goes, that I'd love to help you with if you don't mind instead of going direct thru QB. My affiliate prices are a little better than those of QB direct as a matter of fact..$12.95 instead of $17.95 per month, and no setup vs $59.95. Plus you'll get a free copy of QB Pro 2008 single user.

      You can reach me at for more info or questions. Hope this helps.