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    Are you looking for the some romantic  Italian restaurants in New York City?

    lattanzi Wayfarer

      When it comes to food, there would be hardly any person on this universe does not enjoy trying different cuisine and restaurants.  If you are a real foodie and you like trying different cuisines all the time, then you need drop by NYC and try all the new cuisines available there. When you walk down the lanes of this city, you would discover that they are not only restaurants located at every nook and corner, but there are so many foodies around the city. Well, when a city can offer so many restaurants, why should we not turn into a foodie? You need to take full advantage of every restaurant available. If Italian Cuisine NYC is in your list, then you should not miss out Lattanzi from your list. When it comes to Lattanzi, we are one of the best Italian cuisine restaurant as we are the one initiated this cuisine and since then Italian cuisine got famous.

      Authenticity is in our blood

      We just don’t serve authentic Italian cuisine but there is always a pinch of taste of Roman-Jewish Cuisine which adds more flavors to your dining experience. We are always the Top Italian restaurants NYC and we will always be as there is no restaurant serving authentic food like we do. We have set our standards and we always like to stay different from others.

      Pessimistic comments are set aside

      There many restaurants copied our style and cooking methods but they failed big time as they don’t have the secret ingredient which adds more magical elements in your dining experience.  We add the old-age ingredients which are transported directly from the peninsulas and add more flavor to Italian Food NYC. We are standing at the same place since decades and not a single time we got negative remark from our customers. We have always served the best to our customers and thus now we have set the bench mark in the restaurant industry