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    9 ways to increase your credit score

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      At Golden Financial Services, a credit card debt relief company, 9 of the best ways to increase credit score have just been published.


      Any and all business owners need good credit in order to take out a loan, rent or buy an office, finance equipment and for many other reasons.

      This day and age there are many business owners that have been negatively affected by this economy and their credit may have taken a hit.


      The first most important thing to do is to run your credit.  I am sure that Bank of America can assist with running credit or consumers can visit


      Look over your credit report, see if you can find derogatory information that should not be there.  Take a note of all inaccurate information. 

      This page teaches you how to remove derogatory information in order to improve credit score.


      Here are a few of the nine ways mentioned to increase credit score.


      • Don't open too many cards
      • Have a good mixture of secured and unsecured debts
      • Use your cards
      • Monitor your report monthly
      • Pay your bills on time
      • Don't utilize too much of the limit
      • Increase credit limits when you can



      It is also important to establish good banking relationships.  If you do business banking here at Bank of America, then start establishing relationships with the business managers and financial specialists.  learn what type of loans are available, what type of savings accounts are available, etc..


      If you have high unsecured debt, then keep your balances low.   Pay your bills down and always try to pay more than minimum payments.  Banks will not want to loan you money if all your revolving accounts are maxed out.   If you have high credit card debt, its important to reduce credit card debt.


      Golden Financial Services also provides consumers with education and information on credit card debt relief programs.  Here is a detailed breakdown on all the credit card relief programs currently available in the United States.