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    Drop shipping can save cost really?

    Business Chance Adventurer

      For most of small business owners haven't enough runing money, so do you think drop shipping can save cost really?

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          jnwatkins87 Newbie

          Drop shipping is okay, but what I would do in your case with limited funds, is start off small. Order some product, make money from it, and keep flipping the profits until you have enough to buy a suitable amount of product. I have done this several times and you cannot fail with it. Word of advice. Keep track of your running expenses very closely.


          ***Another tip. If you are going to be shipping any items to your customers, get free boxes from your local Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or any other stores that sell products. Usually they will tell you, you can get them for FREE in the back of the store from the recycle bin. After you get the boxes and you are ready to ship a product, box it up, and wrap the box with brown paper. You can usually get this from a dollar store for $1 on a roll. It will cover up the previous print on the box. If you want to look professional order size-able stickers with your logo on it and put them on each box.

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              joliemartin Scout

              In addition to this, the initial investment of a drop shipping start up is always less because you never have to invest in inventory; it’s already in your supplier’s warehouse ready to ship! However, after a while, it is advisable to lessen your dependence on your drop shippers and start stocking more items. As mentioned above, buying in volume can save you a lot of money which will provide for better profit margins.




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              Moderator Berta Guide

              Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.