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    Facebook interaction

    grafikrtist Scout

      How do i interact on facebook ? I don't just want to post on other peoples pages. I am a freelance graphic designer.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Perhaps others will give you some great suggestions but I'll start with some basic thoughts.

          1.  Create your own page, not your personal page, but your business page.

          2.  Invite friends and potential customers to 'like' your page.

          Now that you have done that, you need to have some good content - information that will make people want to come back and see what's new on your page.

          3. Shave some of your creativity - pictures, shots of good graphic content that you would suggest using.

          4.  Have a topic of the week each week.  Begin the week with ideas surrounding the topic and accompanying pics or graphics.

          5.  Invite others to share comments, suggestions, and pictures.


          And, in my opinion, keep your page fresh with new content.  I know you will feel as if you are talking to yourself at times, but keep on creating new content.  I'll bet before long you will have your own group of followers who visit and comment regularly.  And they will tell friends and peers about your page, too.


          It might take a while to build up followers, but keep on keeping on.


          Now who else wants to add to this?



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            Jim Peters Tracker

            Cath, you have written everything that I wanted to write. Good and fresh updates must be added everyday to the page. And the more likes and shares your page gets the better.