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    Faxo - Social networks, free dating, classifieds, local, mobile, chat, more

    Steve Urciuoli Newbie

      Hello Small Business Owners!


      We recently launched our small business Faxo on 9/15.


      Faxo is an online media & mobile platform with millions of social networks, fansites, business networking, free dating, classified ads, groups, forums, contests, blogs, dictionary, recipes, reviews, Q&A, chat, games, & apps. There are nets for businesses (local venues, pages, groups, websites, companies), business professionals (complete business networking platform), dating site w/videos, & networks for every city, topic, movie, school & more. Create yours in seconds. Upload mobile pics & vids.


      Here are a few links:

      What is Faxo

      Free Dating

      Free Classified Ads

      Mobile Uploads

      New York City

      Personal Site

      Justin Bieber Fan Site

      Slang Dictionary



      Local Business

      Free Online Games

      Anonymous Chat


      Please feel free to check us out.  Any feedback would be very much appreciated!  We are also looking to hire great web developers.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested.